A silent retreat.  Is that for me?  

 ‘Be still and know that I am God’, writes the Psalmist. Elijah finds God in the ‘still small voice’. 

You don’t need to be afraid of silence. God delights in your presence so what is there to be afraid of?

The retreats we offer at The Greenhouse are silent except for your times with your spiritual guide.

Discover more of the love of God in an individually guided silent retreat

Do you sometimes feel as though you are living life in the fast lane?  There is hardly enough time to breathe, let alone reflect on your life.   These retreats offer an important (essential?) opportunity to pull over for a pit stop, recharge your batteries, fill up on juice and become stronger for the challenges ahead.  They offer the chance to discover more about yourself and the God who loves you.   It is a very special time for body, mind and spirit.. Time to reflect.